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You’ve Got This! Don’t Let These Common Disasters Ruin Your Event

When planning your event, make sure you have a backup plan for major things that could go wrong –like no-show vendors!

If you’re planning an event, then naturally, you’ll want everything to go according to plan.

Unfortunately, though, we live in the real world, which means that Murphy’s Law often reigns supreme. If things can go wrong –chances are they will. This is especially true when an important occasion is at stake.

While this doesn’t mean that you should curl up in despair –it does mean that you should take precautions ahead of time to disaster-proof your big day.

Let’s look at three common problems that can put a damper on even the most well-planned occasion. See how you can cope with these unexpected wildcards, and take precautions to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!


No-show vendors or performers can throw a wrench in even the most well-planned party. Even if you’ve booked a band or catering company months in advance, people get sick, traffic jams happen, and sometimes, people just can’t make it. To save yourself when your star performer doesn’t show, make sure you have a list of backup vendors that are able and willing to step in at the last minute in case someone fails to come through.

Lousy Weather

While you can’t control the weather –sorry! You can take precautions so that the weather doesn’t have to spell disaster for your event. Save your outdoor occasion from unexpected rainfalls by ensuring that you have a backup plan in case of showers. This means choosing a location that will allow you the use of indoor facilities, or, investing in a marquee. You’ll also want to weatherproof your event, and choose strong and durable decorations that will be able to hold up –come rain or shine.

Technology Fails

Technology’s great –but it’s especially prone to last minute disasters. This is because there are so many things that could go wrong with it –from speaker failures to power problems. Make sure you do a few test runs before the big day, and the day of the event as well, to ensure that everything’s working properly. Finally, make sure you have alternate entertainment planned, just in case things go wrong.

In any event, remember, in most cases, pitfalls aren’t as major as they seem to be, and often, your guests won’t even notice, or mind if a minute detail goes astray. By having a backup plan for major disasters and keeping a level head for everything else, you’ll be able to pull off your event without a hitch –and keep your show on the road!

Need help planning your event? Consider hiring a certified event planner, to ensure that your day will be everything you’re hoping for!

Image: Jonathan Day

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