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So You’re Getting Married? Here’s How to Feed Your Guests (on a Budget)

So you’re getting married? Congratulations!

There’s plenty of exciting things to look forward to, from picking a dress or suit, to figuring out your venue. Unfortunately, all of this planning comes with one major downfall – the expense of it all. Let’s face it, paying for a wedding is not cheap – particularly when it comes to catering for all those hungry and thirsty guests.

If you want to save money on the food so that you can put a higher budget towards the things that matter more to you – such as that fancy honeymoon – then there is a way to feed your guests on a budget. It’s all about making some basic decisions and cutting down on the excess!

wedding budget

Step 1: Provide Appetizers Yourself

This might sound like a waste of your time – particularly when there’s so much to do on the wedding day, but it’s actually easier than it seems. If you get pre-prepared appetizers that can be frozen and simply thrown in the oven just before cocktail hour, then you can save about 50% of the costs associated with buying nibbles.

Step 2: Lose the Servers

While it might seem super fun to have servers wandering around your wedding party with little silver trays of food – the chances are that you don’t want to pay the price they’ll be asking for. Your guests are capable of serving themselves, so don’t worry about simply having an open buffet-style solution instead!

Step 3: Try to B.Y.O.B

When you’re choosing and booking your wedding reception venue, try asking whether they mind if you bring your own beverages. By selecting and providing your own wine, liquor, and beer, you’ll reduce your chances of having to pay the inflated prices that the venue typically charges those who use the available bar.

Step 4: Get Your Family Involved

If you love your mom’s cooking, then why not get her involved when it comes to creating the menu for your big day? Getting your family involved in helping to cook some of the signature dishes could make a buffet service a whole lot cheaper to organize – particularly since you won’t have to pay for your caterer to make quite as much food!

Step 5: Have a Daytime Wedding

Finally, why not move your wedding time forward to the earlier portion of the day? Lunch and breakfast generally cost a lot less than dinner, so a daytime wedding can be a great solution if you’re trying to save cash!

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