Everyone loves surprises, right? Well, not always...

Wedding Fail: What Not to Get the Bride

Weddings are a wonderful time.

They represent new beginnings, love, and happiness.

Sometimes, though, reality isn’t quite so perfect. Take for example, wedding gifts. While we all know that normal, standard gifts –toasters, for instance, or fancy dishes or bedlinen, are generally considered to be acceptable wedding gifts, some people, it seems, prefer to take a walk on the wild side and buy the happy couple gifts that, well, may not be suited to their tastes.

Instead of the traditional “What do I buy the bride” type of list, we’ve compiled a list of “What not to get the bride if you hope to stay on her good side.” If you were considering any of the following gifts, let us be the first to say, “Please don’t!”

A Bounced Check
While checks are almost always a welcome gift, checks that bounce? Not so much. Unfortunately, though, that’s exactly what this Reddit user got for their wedding. “A check that bounced, so it was a gift of -$35.”

Weird Artwork
Artwork is tricky to gift. Most people have very specific tastes when it comes to décor, and it’s usually best to let them choose the art that will adorn their walls. Sadly, not everyone shares this opinion. We’ve heard of Post-it note artwork, a personalized log, complete with the couple’s initials, and a purple handmade photo album, taped together with packing tape. Yeah. Weddings aren’t really the best time to try your hand at homemade art.

Very Used Gifts
Very used gifts are usually not ideal for weddings. Even less so when that used gift is, well, a towel. “My husband’s wealthy uncle gave us a used coffee thermos and a yellow bath towel,” says Reddit user changachoo. “Very strange. We found out years later that he gave my husband’s brother the same thing at his wedding 6 months after ours.”

A Banana
Who would think to gift a bride with a banana? Apparently at least one person has! Even if it is gift-wrapped nicely –no, just no.

A Tarantula
As a good rule of thumb –spiders of any type usually make bad wedding gifts –especially tarantulas. Unless you are absolutely certain the bride will love it, just don’t do it. Get a gift card instead.

A Toilet Brush
Why, just, why. We have no words for this one. Just add it to your do-not-ever-gift list. Along with the toilet roll holder and toilet paper. Yikes!

Wondering what to get the bride-to-be? Relax! It’s not hard. Just pick something off the registry, or get a gift card –or check. As long it doesn’t bounce, you’ll be ok!

What strange wedding gifts have you received?

Image: Madralynn