How to Use your Event to Promote without Being Pushy

Events can represent an essential tactic for marketing in almost any business. They have been frequently proven to build positive relationships with customers, while increasing visibility and improving your chances of building professional connections for your business.

Unfortunately, too many companies get carried away when developing business events, and focus too heavily on the idea of selling their products en masse. This desire to sell removes from the overall experience of the event, and therefore leaves attendees feeling uncomfortable and hounded, rather than excited about your business. Here are some tips for promoting yourself with your event, without being too pushy.

1.    Set the Tone with Social Media

Since almost everyone is on social media this days, it makes sense to start there when you’re making your exposure event a success. Remember, the idea should be to encourage fun and interaction – not sales (they come later). Get people involved with competitions and polls and share snaps and insights into the kind of incredible experiences you’re going to be sharing at your event. Let the community know you have a personality, behind your brand.

2.    Get Attendees Involved with Marketing

Though you shouldn’t necessarily be using your event to sell directly, that doesn’t mean there isn’t indirect ways in which your attendees can help you to market whatever it is that you do, or sell. For instance, you might set up a booth at your event wherein individuals can come and test out your product for free in a new and exciting way. You can then encourage them to share snapshots of their experiences on social media for a chance to win prizes.

3.    Ask your Followers What They Want

If you’re concerned that your event isn’t going to have the right impression, then start giving a positive insight into your business before it even happens, by running polls and conversations on social media that allow people in your network to influence your event. Asking them what they’d like to do and see from your event experience will make them feel like they’re not being pushed into doing anything – because they’ve had a say throughout the entire experience. This will also give you the benefit of looking like a brand who puts the wants and needs of its customer first – a huge advantage for any company in today’s market.

Image source: Pixabay

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