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Tips for Planning your Corporate Christmas Party

Planning that end-of-year party can be a pretty big job to tackle alone. Even if you have a team of people devoted to helping you choose the perfect food and design the decorations, there’s still a lot to think about before the big day. After all, the Christmas party is something that staff members look forward to all-year-round – so you can’t afford to get it wrong!

Fortunately, if you’re worried about pulling off your first festive event, we’ve got a few tips that could help you to avoid some last-minute disasters.

1.    Think Carefully About the Time and Date

There are two very crucial elements that go into choosing the right date and time for a corporate party. The first is the availability of your venue, your entertainment, and your catering service. The chances are that the last days before the winter holidays are going to be busy for party planners and event companies. The second factor to think about is the schedules of the employees that will be attending. You need to know when people are going to have time off work – because no-one wants to have to visit the office the day after a Christmas party.

2.    Choose a Venue that Everyone Can Get to

If you’re picking a venue that’s outside of your actual office, then you need to make sure that it’s easy to reach. Remember that the weather can be somewhat treacherous around the Christmas season, and people won’t want to drive for miles on icy roads just for a chance to enjoy Eggnog with some colleagues.

3.    Ask for Help

Finally, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for the upcoming party, then you could always ask around for information about last year’s bash. For instance, ask people what their favorite part of last year’s Christmas party was, and find out what they would like to see again in the upcoming extravaganza.

If you can find out whether something went wrong at the last event – that could help too, as you’ll know exactly what to avoid.

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