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The Secret to Raising More Cash at Your Next Event

If you’re a non-profit institution, then the chances are that you’ve considered a few different fundraising events in your time – after all, what better way to inform people about your cause and raise cash in a fun and engaging way? Donors level event experiences, and the better yours is, the more likely you are to generate interest in not only your company, but the future events that you might plan.

Unfortunately, the only issue here is that events are often time, and cash intensive. Staging, planning, and following up on a fundraising event often drains resources and leaves you feeling exhausted. This means that maximizing your revenue is absolutely essential if you want to get a good result for all of your effort. Following, we’ll cover just some of the secrets involved in raising more cash at your next event, so you can start pulling in the profits.

1.    Get on The Phone

By all means, send out event invitations, sponsorship newsletters, PR, e-mails, and use content marketing to share information on your upcoming experience, but don’t forget that the phone has a part to play too. Making calls and conducting meetings face-to-face can be the best way to get the high-ticket attendees engaged in your cause – so be prepared to put that personal touch into your preparation.

2.    Put Together a Great Committee

Almost every non-profit institution has a collection of dedicated supporters. These individuals shouldn’t just be there to receive discounts on tickets and help with floral arrangements – they should be utilized to the best of your ability, as people who can help make your event special. Create a committee of essential supporters, and ask them to help with reaching fundraising goals through selling tickets and sponsorships.

3.    Do Something Fantastic at Every Function

In most scenarios, the success of any non-profit event will grow over time. If attendees have fun at an event you run this month, the chances are that they’ll attend another event five months from now – probably bringing friends and colleagues with them.

A good way to really boost the process for yourself, and your business, is to invest in one truly amazing thing each time you run an event. This has to be something that gets people to talk about your company, and your event long after the day itself is over. This might be introducing a celebrity surprise guest, or running a sudden amazing competition – it’s up to you.

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