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Why Reward your Employees with A Christmas Party?

Regarded by most members of staff to be the biggest social event of the work calendar – the Christmas party is something that’s eagerly awaited by clients and employees alike. However, if your pockets are feeling a little pinched this festive season, you might be wondering whether you can afford the expense of an elaborate festive affair.

Here are some reasons why you should overlook the expense, and celebrate the Christmas season as a corporate family.

1.    Say Thank You

Your Christmas party is the perfect way to tell your staff that you appreciate the work that they did throughout the year – without having to send a million memos or emails around the office.

2.    Build Good Memories

Good memories will help to improve staff retention in the long run. After all, people are less inclined to leave places where they’ve generated a lot of fond experiences over the year. Taking the time to host one party a year is sure to be worth the investment.

3.    Avoid “Scrooge Syndrome”

The last thing that you want when it comes to the festive season – is for your clients and employees to find out that you care more about holding onto cash than celebrating Christmas. Show people that you care with a great party and you’ll boost morale, as well as improving your own image.

4.    Create New Opportunities

If you invite customers, clients, and staff members to a party at Christmas, then you increase your chances of finding new opportunities to sell and expand in the new year. What’s more, relationships will be built that can lead to better team dynamics in the months ahead.

5.    Have Fun

Finally, the last – but perhaps the only reason you should need to have an office party – is that it allows you to break free of the shackles of office expectations and have fun. What better time of year to simply let your hair down and enjoy interacting with friends and colleagues?

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