Good food, good friends, and good times –your teenager’s birthday will be a blast.

Ultimate Guide – Planning Your Teenagers 16th

As anyone with kids knows, they’re always looking for an excuse to party!

Their 16th birthday is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, though, planning a 16th bash that’s fun, cool, and well, not too childish is no small task. Finding that balance of fun and maturity can be tricky –especially when their friends will be there, and everything parents do is oh so humiliating!

If you’re looking for ideas for your teenager’s party, don’t worry –we have you covered. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your youngster’s birthday is fun, exciting, and only a tiny bit embarrassing!

Get Them Involved
Involving your child –young adult, sorry –in the planning process will help you to know exactly what type of party they want to have. Plus, if they’re involved, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the bash! Take your birthday teen out to a coffee shop, and sit them down for a brief chat. Grownup drink in-hand, they’ll feel more relaxed, and more apt to open up. Everyone is different, with varying ideas on what constitutes a fun day. Some may want to hit the bowling alley, or paintball arena, while others may want to go to the movies. Asking for their input will help you both feel much better about the whole thing.

Get the Music Right
The music is the life of the party, and teenagers today –like young people of every era, have strong opinions about what constitutes great music. You won’t want to blast the Bee Gees if they’d rather have Taylor Swift at their party, so find out ahead of time what type of tunes they enjoy listening to, and get them involved with making a playlist. Involving them in this project will save them from embarrassment when oldies-but-goodies come blasting out of the stereo. If it’s in the budget, you could also consider surprising them with a live DJ to play special requests. It’ll only be a little bit embarrassing –but mostly cool.

Bring On the Food
If you get the food right, you’re over halfway there. Plan on serving their favorites –pizza, pizza, and pizza, and make sure you order stock up so there are no shortages throughout the event. Teenagers get famished rather quickly and having a steady supply of snacks on hand can prevent them from getting moody; just like toddlers! Ok, we’ll stop! But make sure there’s enough snacks and drinks, with extra on hand –just in case.

Get Your Game On
Pin the tail on the donkey may be out, but you can still bring out the games. Consider having board games and video games sitting out, ready to go. If the weather’s great, they may want to play a quick match of soccer or basketball outside, and chill out with a favorite movie afterward. The kids –er, teenagers, will naturally gravitate towards the games as long as they’re on hand, so there’s no need to plan a structured game time –just let them play as the mood strikes.

Finally, it must be said –there’s really no need for you to be on hand every minute during the party –really, it’s ok! You can come out at key moments or check in, but giving the kids some parent-free time is always a good thing. And of course, it will save them from the devastating embarrassment that they, gasp, have parents! So give yourself permission to sit back, and let the party unfold. Your youngster’s growing up! Congratulations on raising a fine young adult!

Are you planning your teenager’s 16th?

Image: Alexis Nyal

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