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How to Host an Impressive Potluck Party


Just because your aunt, mom, or best friend can whip up dinner for twenty-five guests without breaking a sweat doesn’t mean that we all have such impressive party super powers. When it comes to designing your very own potluck party, remember that you shouldn’t spend all of your energy stressing out about what might happen – or whether you’re going to end up with twelve trays’ worth of devilled eggs. Instead, use the following tips to celebrate in style.

1.    Control Your Need to Control

If you’re hosting a dinner party, then you have every right to overthink everything from the entrees to the desserts. However, if you’ve picked a potluck party – then remember that you’re not responsible for controlling what everyone else decides to bring along with them. Sure, you can suggest that certain people bring certain dishes, but don’t chase all the fun out of the experience with strict rules and regulations.

2.    Let Everyone Know about Dietary Restrictions

If you’re aware that certain people in your party can’t eat particular foods, remember to keep the other guests informed so that they know to think about this when constructing their own dishes. Make it clear that allergies should be considered with the highest degree of safety in mind.

3.    Pick, or Don’t Pick a Theme

Finally, if you’re hosting potlucks on a regular basis, you might find that picking out a theme is a great way of mixing things up. However, you don’t necessarily need to do this all the time. Remember, it’s all down to your personal preferences. If you do decide that a theme is right for you, here are some you might pick from:

  • Book club recipes – Ask people to bring meals prepared from the pages of their favorite cookbook.
  • Global street food – Encourage your guests to bring along a dish inspired from somewhere they went on their last vacation, or most exotic travel experience.
  • Mom’s recipe – Ask your friends and family to bring along a favorite recipe from their past, hopefully with the help of their mom’s cooking prowess.

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