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To Drink, or Not to Drink? – 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Work Functions

Whether to drink alcohol – or stick to the softer solutions – is often a significant question at many work events. Whether the business occasion is taking place as part of an “end of year” celebration, or you’re getting together for a chat at a mini networking event – alcohol can frequently be a factor.

While we all love to have fun and let our hair down – particularly at work when given half the chance – drinking too much during a professional event can lead you very quickly down the path of disaster. That’s why we’ve put together this list of three things you shouldn’t do at work functions when alcohol is involved.

1.    Don’t Use Booze as a Social Lubricant

The Scenario: You’ve had a couple of extra chardonnays and notice a beautiful woman talking to your boss. Feeling confident, you stroll up, say a few less than appropriate things, and wake up in the morning to find that you’ve not only angered your employer, but also isolated a huge potential client. Whoops!

There’s a time and a place for building your confidence with an extra glass of wine – and it’s not in a business event or boardroom. The more you drink, the more likely you are to embarrass yourself with stories and comments that could actually damage the future of your professional career.

2.    Don’t Drink Yourself Sick

The Scenario: A few bottles of beer and some time spent on the dancefloor leaves you feeling nauseated. You stumble off to the side of the office, or conference hall, retching, just to feel a tap on your shoulder. As you turn around, and heave the contents of your stomach up onto the person in front of you, you recognize one of your biggest investors – now covered in the remnants of the buffet you scoffed earlier.

Many business events will have a wide range of attendees – including those that are incredibly important to the present, and future of your business. One accidental bad impression could mean disaster for your brand.

3.    Don’t Drink and Make Company Purchases

The Scenario: You wake up in the morning with a headache, a serious case of dry mouth, and dozens of missed calls. Checking your business bank account, you discover that you’ve wasted half of your budget on buying disco balls for the office.

One of the problems with drinking, is that it can quickly make terrible ideas seem like great ones. Mix that with a professional setting, and the end result can be a bunch of company purchases that damage your bottom line, and leave you struggling to make ends meet.

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    Linda Kibisu says:

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