5 Myths About Live streaming an Event

Today, live streaming is considered to be one of the hottest trends around when it comes to event-based tech. Unfortunately, it’s highly misunderstood too – as it’s novel and exciting nature often define it as highly confusing for many companies.

With platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth learning how much of a role video could play in your upcoming events, which is why we’ve put together this list of common myths that exist regarding live streaming.

1.    Only Big Events Need Livestreaming

Your event doesn’t need thousands of people or a huge venue to be a success. Remember that live streaming extends the interaction with your event beyond the existing room or venue that you’ve chosen, helping to get people involved with the action from all around the world. In other words, even if your event is incredibly small, you could quickly up the attendance with some carefully accessed video.

2.    Live streaming Reduces in-Person Attendance

This concern is understandable, as if someone has the option to stay at home and watch your event, you might wonder why they’d bother to buy tickets and turn up in person. However, the truth is that live streaming might actually grow your audience. Resources have found that 30% of the people who watch live streamed events will actually attend that event in person the following year.

3.    Livestreaming is Too Costly

Running a high-quality video stream into even a small event must be seriously costly right? Wrong. According to various resources, there is a range of different options out there for those who are operating on a budget – from accessing Facebook Live from a smartphone to buying a relatively inexpensive camera. The chances are that the event will pay you back in interest, anyway!

4.    No-one Will Watch the Stream

It can be terrifying for businesses to think that they’re investing money and time in a video that no-one will end up watching. However, the truth is that if you have an audience on social media – you’ll probably get at least some kind of response. Facebook Live reports that users watch live video for 3x longer and comment 10x more than they do on recorded footage.

5.    The Value of your Video is Restricted to the Event

The great thing about live streaming and video content – is that once the stream is over, you can repurpose the footage that you’ve captured for various events and marketing materials. For instance, footage from a previous year can be redesigned to create teaser videos for upcoming events, and to remind followers of exceptional experiences all year around. In other words – it’s not just a brief investment.

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New year party

How to Host a Successful New Year’s Party

Have you decided to take on the challenge of hosting the new year’s party this year? Great! Now all you need to do is get it planned, so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities with the rest of your guests.

Preparing for a New Year’s party can seem like a lot of hard work, particularly if you took on the task last minute, but don’t worry – we’ve got a few tips that should be able to help.

New year party

1.    Think Carefully about your Guest List

First of all, think about how many people your house can comfortably manage. It’s no good trying to cram too many people all into the same room – otherwise you’re going to end up with cramped and unhappy guests who can’t move – never mind dance.

2.    Stock up on Glasses

When it comes to New Year’s Eve parties, there are few things more important than having the right amount of glasses for all that alcohol that’s bound to be flowing. If you don’t have enough glasses at home, or you’re concerned that they’re going to end up smashed – stock up on some plastic cups that you can use for the event.

3.    Choose a Theme

If you’re inviting a lot of people from different social groups to your party – then a theme can be a great way to break the ice. Whether it’s a specific dress code, or a fancy-dress party, decide your theme early and make sure that you let everyone know what’s expected of them with plenty of time to spare.

4.    Choose Festive Food and Drinks

A New Year’s Eve party is all about saying goodbye to the old year, and starting the new one with a bang! This means that you should be looking for festive and exciting food and drinks that you can share with your friends and family. Bubbly beverages and delicious cakes are always a good way to go!

5.    Plan the Entertainment

Finally, even if you’re not hiring professional entertainment for your New Year’s party, you should at least have a playlist or two lined up for the big night. Remember that you want people to be dancing, singing, and enjoying themselves all the way up until midnight – then for a while after that too. Keep the music exciting and up-beat – no slow dances required.

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Why a Corporate Year-End Bash is a Must

It’s that time of the year once again. Love it or hate it – the festive season is something that we all share – from the headache of running around and buying last minute gifts, to the fun and excitement of end-year parties and Christmas celebrations.

For many bosses and corporate managers, the idea of hosting a big bash for the end of the year can seem like a pain in the neck. Not only do you have to think about planning something exciting – with all the catering and entertainment to boot – but you also need to shell out some extra cash when you’d probably rather be spending time at home with your loved ones. However – a corporate party at the end of the year could end up giving you more benefits than you think.

Here are a few reasons to celebrate.

It Rewards your Employees

After a long year of working for you, the chances are your employees are looking forward to a chance to let their hair down and relax. Showing them that you’re willing to give them a little fun for all their efforts shows that you care about their wellbeing. Often, this means that your employees will feel more loyal to you by the time they head back into the office for the New Year.

It Builds Relationships

What better way to get your employees to interact with each other and develop stronger bonds than by inviting them all to the same party? A year-end bash gets people talking in a new format – potentially helping to create friendships and stronger teams that benefit the company throughout the year. After all, a staff that parties together – stays together.

It Shows Your Fun Side

Finally, a corporate bash is the perfect chance to show your employees that your company is about more than just numbers, spreadsheets, and selling a product to a customer. While all of those things are obviously important – we’ve come to the time of year when fun and festivities matter the most. Giving your staff the chance to see your fun side could mean that they’re more likely to stick with you in the future when other job opportunities come calling. At the end of the day, almost every employee prefers a fun boss to a stick in the mud!

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5 Themes Perfect for Bringing in the Xmas Spirit

Often described as the most wonderful time of the year, many forget that Christmas is also the most festive season of them all! Everyone always seems to have something to celebrate in December. When you are bringing in the xmas spirit into your home, whether by hosting a party or decorating the house for your family, you will want to select a theme that is merry and bright.

Here’s some of the top Christmas themes of 2016 for you to consider:

  • A Nostalgic Christmas — Instead of going with a sleek and modern design for your Christmas decor, opt to send people back to those picture perfect childhood Christmases of years gone by. Select a decade, such as Christmas in the 60s, to narrow down your theme. Purchase vintage decor, display old holiday photographs and serve those classic hors d’oeuvres that your mom and grandma were famous for.
  • A Candy Cane Forest — Peppermint is the perfume of Christmas, and it makes an ideal theme for your decorations this year. Red and white striped ribbon can accent your garland and wreaths. Gourmet candy canes can be favors at your big holiday get together.
  • A White Christmas — Everyone’s been dreaming of a white Christmas. For your Christmas party this year, turn this iconic song into a theme. Decorate in all white — a white tree, white lights and white ornament bulbs. Even require that your guests where something glistening white to the party.
  • An International Christmas — This is a holiday celebrated around the world, and it’s a wonderful time of year to honor other cultures. For your International Christmas party, ask guests to wear a traditional outfit from another country. Make different delights from the countries you will be showcasing. Find as many international decorations to display as possible, and even leave information out about them so everyone can learn something along the way.

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raising more cash

The Secret to Raising More Cash at Your Next Event

If you’re a non-profit institution, then the chances are that you’ve considered a few different fundraising events in your time – after all, what better way to inform people about your cause and raise cash in a fun and engaging way? Donors level event experiences, and the better yours is, the more likely you are to generate interest in not only your company, but the future events that you might plan.

Unfortunately, the only issue here is that events are often time, and cash intensive. Staging, planning, and following up on a fundraising event often drains resources and leaves you feeling exhausted. This means that maximizing your revenue is absolutely essential if you want to get a good result for all of your effort. Following, we’ll cover just some of the secrets involved in raising more cash at your next event, so you can start pulling in the profits.

1.    Get on The Phone

By all means, send out event invitations, sponsorship newsletters, PR, e-mails, and use content marketing to share information on your upcoming experience, but don’t forget that the phone has a part to play too. Making calls and conducting meetings face-to-face can be the best way to get the high-ticket attendees engaged in your cause – so be prepared to put that personal touch into your preparation.

2.    Put Together a Great Committee

Almost every non-profit institution has a collection of dedicated supporters. These individuals shouldn’t just be there to receive discounts on tickets and help with floral arrangements – they should be utilized to the best of your ability, as people who can help make your event special. Create a committee of essential supporters, and ask them to help with reaching fundraising goals through selling tickets and sponsorships.

3.    Do Something Fantastic at Every Function

In most scenarios, the success of any non-profit event will grow over time. If attendees have fun at an event you run this month, the chances are that they’ll attend another event five months from now – probably bringing friends and colleagues with them.

A good way to really boost the process for yourself, and your business, is to invest in one truly amazing thing each time you run an event. This has to be something that gets people to talk about your company, and your event long after the day itself is over. This might be introducing a celebrity surprise guest, or running a sudden amazing competition – it’s up to you.

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How to Use your Event to Promote without Being Pushy

Events can represent an essential tactic for marketing in almost any business. They have been frequently proven to build positive relationships with customers, while increasing visibility and improving your chances of building professional connections for your business.

Unfortunately, too many companies get carried away when developing business events, and focus too heavily on the idea of selling their products en masse. This desire to sell removes from the overall experience of the event, and therefore leaves attendees feeling uncomfortable and hounded, rather than excited about your business. Here are some tips for promoting yourself with your event, without being too pushy.

1.    Set the Tone with Social Media

Since almost everyone is on social media this days, it makes sense to start there when you’re making your exposure event a success. Remember, the idea should be to encourage fun and interaction – not sales (they come later). Get people involved with competitions and polls and share snaps and insights into the kind of incredible experiences you’re going to be sharing at your event. Let the community know you have a personality, behind your brand.

2.    Get Attendees Involved with Marketing

Though you shouldn’t necessarily be using your event to sell directly, that doesn’t mean there isn’t indirect ways in which your attendees can help you to market whatever it is that you do, or sell. For instance, you might set up a booth at your event wherein individuals can come and test out your product for free in a new and exciting way. You can then encourage them to share snapshots of their experiences on social media for a chance to win prizes.

3.    Ask your Followers What They Want

If you’re concerned that your event isn’t going to have the right impression, then start giving a positive insight into your business before it even happens, by running polls and conversations on social media that allow people in your network to influence your event. Asking them what they’d like to do and see from your event experience will make them feel like they’re not being pushed into doing anything – because they’ve had a say throughout the entire experience. This will also give you the benefit of looking like a brand who puts the wants and needs of its customer first – a huge advantage for any company in today’s market.

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How to Salvage a Rained-Out Event

You’ve chosen the perfect theme, the decorations look incredible, and your entertainment is already setting up back-stage, when suddenly the clouds darken, and the first drops of rain begin to fall – threatening to wash away your event before it begins.

Fortunately, rain doesn’t have to mean the end of your experience, there are a few things that you can do to turn things around. After all – of all the things you can control with events – rain isn’t one of them.

Move the Event Indoors

If you’re aware that you suffer from some relatively unpredictable weather in the location where you plan to host your event, then it might help to have a backup plan in place just in case, plan for an indoor party as well, and host your outdoor event nearby to an indoor location. Or invest in a gazebo just in case.

Add a “Rain Date”

Once again, some of us are fully aware of how unpredictable the weather can be in our home town – if that’s you, then try adding a “rain date” to your invitation. In that case, you’ll be able to pack up and try again on another day if the rain starts to pour, without the problem of having to contact every single person on your guest list. Of course, this is a better idea for those who don’t have to book a venue, and a source of entertainment.

Make it a Theme

If you can’t do anything about the rain, and moving the event to a different time, date, or location isn’t an option, then you may as well embrace the situation. Engage in some rain-based games and allow people to enjoy the rain festival style. Just be sure you have enough budget left over to run to the store and buy a lot of umbrellas for those who don’t want to get wet.

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potlock party

How to Host an Impressive Potluck Party


Just because your aunt, mom, or best friend can whip up dinner for twenty-five guests without breaking a sweat doesn’t mean that we all have such impressive party super powers. When it comes to designing your very own potluck party, remember that you shouldn’t spend all of your energy stressing out about what might happen – or whether you’re going to end up with twelve trays’ worth of devilled eggs. Instead, use the following tips to celebrate in style.

1.    Control Your Need to Control

If you’re hosting a dinner party, then you have every right to overthink everything from the entrees to the desserts. However, if you’ve picked a potluck party – then remember that you’re not responsible for controlling what everyone else decides to bring along with them. Sure, you can suggest that certain people bring certain dishes, but don’t chase all the fun out of the experience with strict rules and regulations.

2.    Let Everyone Know about Dietary Restrictions

If you’re aware that certain people in your party can’t eat particular foods, remember to keep the other guests informed so that they know to think about this when constructing their own dishes. Make it clear that allergies should be considered with the highest degree of safety in mind.

3.    Pick, or Don’t Pick a Theme

Finally, if you’re hosting potlucks on a regular basis, you might find that picking out a theme is a great way of mixing things up. However, you don’t necessarily need to do this all the time. Remember, it’s all down to your personal preferences. If you do decide that a theme is right for you, here are some you might pick from:

  • Book club recipes – Ask people to bring meals prepared from the pages of their favorite cookbook.
  • Global street food – Encourage your guests to bring along a dish inspired from somewhere they went on their last vacation, or most exotic travel experience.
  • Mom’s recipe – Ask your friends and family to bring along a favorite recipe from their past, hopefully with the help of their mom’s cooking prowess.

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wine and cheese

3 Classy Tips for Wine and Cheese Parties

Now that the weather’s starting to get a little colder – what better time is there to throw a few laid-back parties within the comfort of your own home or office. Turn up the class with a selection of delectable cheeses, and chase away the chill with the warm blush of a delicious rose, or a dry glass of white wine.

Gather your invites and use these tips for some of the most impressive cheese soirees your friends will ever see.

Tip 1: Picking the Wine

Let’s face it, if you get the wine right – it’s hard for the night not to be a success. Delicious wine, good company, and a hefty dose of alcohol is enough to leave even the pickiest of guests with a smile on their face. The best options to serve alongside cheese include fruity, dry reds, such as:

  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Rose

On the other hand, if you want to shake things up and have a selection of reds and whites to choose from, you can also stock up on:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Sauvignon Blanc

Chill the white wine for as long as possible, but only place the red in the fridge about an hour before your guests arrive. Make sure they’re all allowed to settle at room temperature for a couple of minutes before serving.

Tip 2: Choosing the Cheese

You can’t leave your wine to stand alone – otherwise you lose your opportunity to class your party as a fancy get-together. Be a little adventurous in pairing your liquid choices with some sumptuous cheeses, carefully balancing a mix of textures and tastes. Variety is key – so that your guests can have something to choose from if they don’t like the first cube they try:

  • For creamy and soft, try brie or goat’s cheese
  • For pungent and strong, pick livarot and taleggio
  • For rich and subtle, select fontina or manchego
  • For intense, offer stilton, gorgonzola, or cambozola

Tip 3: Accessorizing

Finally, when you’ve got the wine and cheese properly picked out, then you’ll be able to think about the other treats you might want to offer alongside them. For instance, you might pick a range of olives or grapes to add alongside your cheeseboard, or stay simple with a selection of crackers and some delicious cured meats. The most important thing is to have fun, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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halloween themes

3 Unique Halloween Themes to Dazzle Your Guests

That spook-tacular time of year is almost here once again – and that means one very important thing: It’s time for you to start planning your Halloween party! Whether you’re planning an incredible bash of your own, or you’re looking for an exciting way to help out with your friends’ get-together, the last thing you want is to be restricted to the same old ideas and plastic skeletons.

Following, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite unique Halloween ideas – to give you the inspiration you need for a truly dazzling evening.

1.    Murder-Mystery Party

There’s nothing quite like a murder-mystery soiree to get the excitement brewing on Halloween. You can even ask a friend to take a moment out of his or her busy schedule to act as a temporary “body”, for the initial shock factor to wow your guests.

You can add to the atmosphere with candy blood slides to mystery-based party games, and even hand out prizes to those who manage to solve the riddle by the end of the evening. There’s plenty of murder mystery scripts online today if you’re feeling uninspired – but keep in mind that a few of them are up to seventy-pages long.

2.    Halloween Cocktail Contest

What’s more important on Halloween than finding time for some deliciously sinful drinks and treats? Rather than handing a bunch of pre-made beverages to your guests, the “contest” aspect of this theme will get them to show off their own creativity, and ensure that everyone’s engaged during your bash – rather than simply sitting on the sofa and waiting for time to pass.

All you need to make this idea a success is a few exciting recipes, plenty of booze, and Halloween extras to add a touch of “horror” to your delicious drinks.

3.    YouTube Clip Carousel

Finally, why not make the most out of everyone’s love of YouTube and create a playlist of incredible Halloween-themed videos to keep your party guests entertained if they want to take a break from booze and dancing. If you’re holding the bash at home, you can always have your YouTube clips running in a different room to provide a great “chill-out” space for tired party-goers.

If you can’t think of a lot of videos to include yourself, make sure to create a Facebook group for your Halloween event and get people to input their own suggestions – just make sure videos are all three-minutes long or less – or you could end up with some clips that last forever.

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