5 Myths About Live streaming an Event

Today, live streaming is considered to be one of the hottest trends around when it comes to event-based tech. Unfortunately, it’s highly misunderstood too – as it’s novel and exciting nature often define it as highly confusing for many companies. With platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth learning how much […]

New year party

How to Host a Successful New Year’s Party

Have you decided to take on the challenge of hosting the new year’s party this year? Great! Now all you need to do is get it planned, so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities with the rest of your guests. Preparing for a New Year’s party can seem like a lot of hard […]

corporate christmas party

Tips for Planning your Corporate Christmas Party

Planning that end-of-year party can be a pretty big job to tackle alone. Even if you have a team of people devoted to helping you choose the perfect food and design the decorations, there’s still a lot to think about before the big day. After all, the Christmas party is something that staff members look […]


Best Cocktails for the Xmas Season

The chances are that you have your own unique idea of what makes up the perfect Christmas drink. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative at the festive season and enjoying a few new flavors. Over the years, new and exciting mixes have emerged, and you can always create your very own signature taste using […]

employee christmas party

Why Reward your Employees with A Christmas Party?

Regarded by most members of staff to be the biggest social event of the work calendar – the Christmas party is something that’s eagerly awaited by clients and employees alike. However, if your pockets are feeling a little pinched this festive season, you might be wondering whether you can afford the expense of an elaborate […]


Why a Corporate Year-End Bash is a Must

It’s that time of the year once again. Love it or hate it – the festive season is something that we all share – from the headache of running around and buying last minute gifts, to the fun and excitement of end-year parties and Christmas celebrations. For many bosses and corporate managers, the idea of […]


5 Themes Perfect for Bringing in the Xmas Spirit

Often described as the most wonderful time of the year, many forget that Christmas is also the most festive season of them all! Everyone always seems to have something to celebrate in December. When you are bringing in the xmas spirit into your home, whether by hosting a party or decorating the house for your […]

raising more cash

The Secret to Raising More Cash at Your Next Event

If you’re a non-profit institution, then the chances are that you’ve considered a few different fundraising events in your time – after all, what better way to inform people about your cause and raise cash in a fun and engaging way? Donors level event experiences, and the better yours is, the more likely you are […]


How to Use your Event to Promote without Being Pushy

Events can represent an essential tactic for marketing in almost any business. They have been frequently proven to build positive relationships with customers, while increasing visibility and improving your chances of building professional connections for your business. Unfortunately, too many companies get carried away when developing business events, and focus too heavily on the idea […]


How to Salvage a Rained-Out Event

You’ve chosen the perfect theme, the decorations look incredible, and your entertainment is already setting up back-stage, when suddenly the clouds darken, and the first drops of rain begin to fall – threatening to wash away your event before it begins. Fortunately, rain doesn’t have to mean the end of your experience, there are a […]

potlock party

How to Host an Impressive Potluck Party

  Just because your aunt, mom, or best friend can whip up dinner for twenty-five guests without breaking a sweat doesn’t mean that we all have such impressive party super powers. When it comes to designing your very own potluck party, remember that you shouldn’t spend all of your energy stressing out about what might […]

wine and cheese

3 Classy Tips for Wine and Cheese Parties

Now that the weather’s starting to get a little colder – what better time is there to throw a few laid-back parties within the comfort of your own home or office. Turn up the class with a selection of delectable cheeses, and chase away the chill with the warm blush of a delicious rose, or […]

halloween themes

3 Unique Halloween Themes to Dazzle Your Guests

That spook-tacular time of year is almost here once again – and that means one very important thing: It’s time for you to start planning your Halloween party! Whether you’re planning an incredible bash of your own, or you’re looking for an exciting way to help out with your friends’ get-together, the last thing you […]


These 6 Delicious Mocktails are Perfect for an Alcohol-Free Party

If you’re hosting a party for those in the recovery community, or you’re trying to make the most out of your wedding as a pregnant bride, there’s plenty of reasons to plan an alcohol-free event. Though most people assume that parties need to have some sort of alcohol available if they’re going to go off […]

networking event

The 5 Things You Should Never Do at a Networking Event

It might surprise you to learn that many people avoid networking events like the plague – even if they are a great way to meet people who could expand the success of their business. Some people stay away because they’re shy, while others claim they simply can’t find the time in their busy schedule to […]

roof party

4 Amazing Tips for Taking Your Next Party to The Roof

Rather than looking for new and exciting ways to blow the roof off your next party, why not take your bash to a whole dimension by hosting it underneath the sparkling night sky? Roof parties (when the weather allows for it), can be memorable ways to generate incredible experiences, make new friends, and make the […]

Introvert party tips

3 Essential Party Tips for Self-Professed Introverts

Just because you’d much rather spend time at home with a good book, than head out to a new party every weekend, doesn’t mean that you’re going to ignore an important excuse to celebrate. Whether you’re throwing an event yourself, or you’re a special guest at someone special’s soiree – it’s not always possible to […]

wedding budget

So You’re Getting Married? Here’s How to Feed Your Guests (on a Budget)

So you’re getting married? Congratulations! There’s plenty of exciting things to look forward to, from picking a dress or suit, to figuring out your venue. Unfortunately, all of this planning comes with one major downfall – the expense of it all. Let’s face it, paying for a wedding is not cheap – particularly when it […]

Professional party

Get Your Next Bash Off to an Awesome Start with the Pros

While planning and organizing your own event from scratch – whether it’s a birthday party, celebration, or business conference – might seem like an easy enough feat, there’s actually a lot more involved in throwing an incredible bash than you might think. Planning an incredible event means using all of your creativity, innovation, and skill […]

event management

Does Murphy’s Law Play a Part in Event Management?

Famously, Murphy’s law suggests that: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” While this might seem like a seriously negative way to perceive things, the truth is that it can often seem highly accurate – particularly when we find ourselves in stressful situations. While the real truth may be that the law of averages […]

drinking at work functions

To Drink, or Not to Drink? – 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Work Functions

Whether to drink alcohol – or stick to the softer solutions – is often a significant question at many work events. Whether the business occasion is taking place as part of an “end of year” celebration, or you’re getting together for a chat at a mini networking event – alcohol can frequently be a factor. […]


How to Get the Best Out of Your Networking Events

If you run your own business, then networking can be a fantastic tool for growing your personal brand, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn from other business owners. Of course, a networking event isn’t the same as making new friends on the playground – and it’s easy to get lost, or even […]


3 Ways to Promote Your Next Event (with Style)

Your next big event is on its way. The venue is booked, the date is set, and you even have an idea of what you’re going to do in regards to food and entertainment. Now all that’s left is to make sure that people actually turn up. If you’re new to event promotion – don’t […]

team building

How to Create a Supportive and Productive Team as an Event Business Owner

Let’s face it – a positive team is a more productive team. The more you support the people you work with, and help them feel engaged and included in your work environment – the more likely you are to be rewarded with creativity, great moods, and other professional treats. At the end of the day […]

Nervous clients got you down? Here’s how you can help to dispel their fears.

How Do You Handle Your Delicate Anxious Clients?

As an event planner, you’ve undoubtedly faced your share of nervous clients. Of course, you do everything that you can to ensure that your clients have a stress-free event-planning experience, but sometimes they tend to get caught up in “what if” scenarios, and before you know if you have an anxious client on your hands […]

If you’re looking to grow your network, try these tips to make new connections at events.

How to Buddy Up and Grow Your Professional Network

Looking to grow your network? Most of us are. A thriving network can open up great opportunities –and having a Rolodex, or, these days –a LinkedIn account that’s bursting full of helpful contacts can open up new doors, help build your credibility, lead to new job opportunities, and more. But if you’re like many people, […]

Planning a party? Don’t forget the cake!

3 Winning Kids Party Themes

Everyone loves a good party. Especially kids! Add some cake, awesome décor, cake, fun party games, cake, and lots of great food, and you’re guaranteed a good time. Did we mention cake? If your birthday girl, or boy, is turning another year older, then you’re probably on the lookout for party ideas. The good news […]

Mimosas are a simple, yet elegant cocktail.

3 Most Popular Cocktail Drinks at a Cocktail Party

Flat, dry, shaken, or stirred –no matter how you take your drinks, the cocktail has something for just about everyone. While cocktails can be as complex, or novel as you’d like –the fact is that they don’t have to be. Often, some of the best things in life are simple, and, if the popularity of […]

Shabby chic décor has an elegant, timeless appeal –and is ideal for many formal events.

Is Shabby Chic Too Shabby for an Event?

“Shabby chic?” You might be thinking, “Isn’t that a bit too, well, shabby for a formal event?” Shabby chic is a décor style that many people know and love. But while it’s a style that’s often used in homes, it’s also extremely popular for events. This is because, despite the name, this décor can lend […]

A well-planned event allows you to enjoy the day, worry free.

Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade: Outdoor Event Ideas

Are you planning an outdoor event? Don’t let the threat of rain get you under the weather! With careful prep and planning, you can arrange an event that’s weather-proof –one that you’ll be able to pull off without a hitch come rain or shine –or scorching sun, wind, or snowstorm! But protection from the elements […]

If you have a special event coming up, then you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your day will be memorable –in a good way, that is!

3 Event Fails That Your Guests Will Hate

Most of us know that failure to plan an event properly is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. While most guests will be understanding about small mistakes, if something catastrophic goes wrong you can almost guarantee an epic fail –the kind that will live on in the photo albums and memories of friends and family down […]

Good food, good friends, and good times –your teenager’s birthday will be a blast.

Ultimate Guide – Planning Your Teenagers 16th

As anyone with kids knows, they’re always looking for an excuse to party! Their 16th birthday is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, though, planning a 16th bash that’s fun, cool, and well, not too childish is no small task. Finding that balance of fun and maturity can be tricky –especially when their friends will be there, […]

Using a professional event planner for your next corporate event can be a great investment.

Corporate Events Made Easy – It’s a No Brainer

Planning a corporate event? You’re going to want a great team by your side! While planning a corporate event sounds simple enough –the fact is that it can be a logistical nightmare. Trying to plan and arrange everything ahead of time and booking and coordinating everything from the venue to food, and entertainment can be […]

Everyone loves surprises, right? Well, not always...

Wedding Fail: What Not to Get the Bride

Weddings are a wonderful time. They represent new beginnings, love, and happiness. Sometimes, though, reality isn’t quite so perfect. Take for example, wedding gifts. While we all know that normal, standard gifts –toasters, for instance, or fancy dishes or bedlinen, are generally considered to be acceptable wedding gifts, some people, it seems, prefer to take […]

3 Tools for Creating the Perfect Event

3 Tools for Creating the Perfect Event

An amazing event is the result of hard work –and careful planning. Creating a perfect event doesn’t happen overnight. As you undoubtedly know, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to take an event from the idea stages, on to the grand occasion. From the initial concept and planning stages to sourcing the […]

How to Turn Your Party Into a Successful Event

How to Turn Your Party Into a Successful Event

Planning a party? Follow these steps to ensure it’s a success! If you’re planning a party, naturally you’ll want it to go off without a hitch. While it may seem overwhelming during the early stages, the fact is that with proper planning –and hard work, all of the over-the-top preparations will pay off when the […]

what could possibly go wrong

You’ve Got This! Don’t Let These Common Disasters Ruin Your Event

When planning your event, make sure you have a backup plan for major things that could go wrong –like no-show vendors! If you’re planning an event, then naturally, you’ll want everything to go according to plan. Unfortunately, though, we live in the real world, which means that Murphy’s Law often reigns supreme. If things can […]


Think an Event Planner is Unnecessary? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need to Reconsider

Life is filled with magical milestone moments, and all of them deserved to be celebrated. Whether you are planning a first birthday party for your child, a graduation party for your teen or an anniversary vow renewal for your parents, you need to rely on the experts in order to pull off an unforgettable event. […]


Bringing Clients Face-to-Face With Their Ideal Audience is a True Win/Win!

Are you looking for a new way to engage clients and prospects? This question is, of course, rhetorical, and what I am about to propose is not “new”—just overlooked. Many times, entrepreneurs miss opportunities, buried within their list of contacts, just waiting to be developed. Over the years you have, no doubt, formed positive relationships […]


How I Grew my Business in Three Days

“Remembering the Past . . .Envisioning the Future.” As a start-up event planner, the theme of the 2016 CanSPEP Annual Conference couldn’t have been more enticing. My business, Bash Divas, is young enough that I haven’t been exposed to the wealth of opportunities, networking, and experience that CanSPEP offers and that’s why I applied for the scholarship […]