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3 Event Fails That Your Guests Will Hate

Most of us know that failure to plan an event properly is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. While most guests will be understanding about small mistakes, if something catastrophic goes wrong you can almost guarantee an epic fail –the kind that will live on in the photo albums and memories of friends and family down […]

Ultimate Guide – Planning Your Teenagers 16th

As anyone with kids knows, they’re always looking for an excuse to party! Their 16th birthday is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, though, planning a 16th bash that’s fun, cool, and well, not too childish is no small task. Finding that balance of fun and maturity can be tricky –especially when their friends will be there, […]

Corporate Events Made Easy – It’s a No Brainer

Planning a corporate event? You’re going to want a great team by your side! While planning a corporate event sounds simple enough –the fact is that it can be a logistical nightmare. Trying to plan and arrange everything ahead of time and booking and coordinating everything from the venue to food, and entertainment can be […]

Wedding Fail: What Not to Get the Bride

Weddings are a wonderful time. They represent new beginnings, love, and happiness. Sometimes, though, reality isn’t quite so perfect. Take for example, wedding gifts. While we all know that normal, standard gifts –toasters, for instance, or fancy dishes or bedlinen, are generally considered to be acceptable wedding gifts, some people, it seems, prefer to take […]

3 Tools for Creating the Perfect Event

An amazing event is the result of hard work –and careful planning. Creating a perfect event doesn’t happen overnight. As you undoubtedly know, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to take an event from the idea stages, on to the grand occasion. From the initial concept and planning stages to sourcing the […]

How to Turn Your Party Into a Successful Event

Planning a party? Follow these steps to ensure it’s a success! If you’re planning a party, naturally you’ll want it to go off without a hitch. While it may seem overwhelming during the early stages, the fact is that with proper planning –and hard work, all of the over-the-top preparations will pay off when the […]

How I Grew my Business in Three Days

“Remembering the Past . . .Envisioning the Future.” As a start-up event planner, the theme of the 2016 CanSPEP Annual Conference couldn’t have been more enticing. My business, Bash Divas, is young enough that I haven’t been exposed to the wealth of opportunities, networking, and experience that CanSPEP offers and that’s why I applied for the scholarship […]