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How to Host an Impressive Potluck Party

  Just because your aunt, mom, or best friend can whip up dinner for twenty-five guests without breaking a sweat doesn’t mean that we all have such impressive party super powers. When it comes to designing your very own potluck party, remember that you shouldn’t spend all of your energy stressing out about what might […]

3 Essential Party Tips for Self-Professed Introverts

Just because you’d much rather spend time at home with a good book, than head out to a new party every weekend, doesn’t mean that you’re going to ignore an important excuse to celebrate. Whether you’re throwing an event yourself, or you’re a special guest at someone special’s soiree – it’s not always possible to […]

Get Your Next Bash Off to an Awesome Start with the Pros

While planning and organizing your own event from scratch – whether it’s a birthday party, celebration, or business conference – might seem like an easy enough feat, there’s actually a lot more involved in throwing an incredible bash than you might think. Planning an incredible event means using all of your creativity, innovation, and skill […]

Does Murphy’s Law Play a Part in Event Management?

Famously, Murphy’s law suggests that: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” While this might seem like a seriously negative way to perceive things, the truth is that it can often seem highly accurate – particularly when we find ourselves in stressful situations. While the real truth may be that the law of averages […]