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5 Myths About Live streaming an Event

Today, live streaming is considered to be one of the hottest trends around when it comes to event-based tech. Unfortunately, it’s highly misunderstood too – as it’s novel and exciting nature often define it as highly confusing for many companies. With platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth learning how much […]

Best Cocktails for the Xmas Season

The chances are that you have your own unique idea of what makes up the perfect Christmas drink. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative at the festive season and enjoying a few new flavors. Over the years, new and exciting mixes have emerged, and you can always create your very own signature taste using […]

How to Use your Event to Promote without Being Pushy

Events can represent an essential tactic for marketing in almost any business. They have been frequently proven to build positive relationships with customers, while increasing visibility and improving your chances of building professional connections for your business. Unfortunately, too many companies get carried away when developing business events, and focus too heavily on the idea […]

How to Salvage a Rained-Out Event

You’ve chosen the perfect theme, the decorations look incredible, and your entertainment is already setting up back-stage, when suddenly the clouds darken, and the first drops of rain begin to fall – threatening to wash away your event before it begins. Fortunately, rain doesn’t have to mean the end of your experience, there are a […]