How to Turn Your Party Into a Successful Event

How to Turn Your Party Into a Successful Event

Planning a party? Follow these steps to ensure it’s a success!

If you’re planning a party, naturally you’ll want it to go off without a hitch.

While it may seem overwhelming during the early stages, the fact is that with proper planning –and hard work, all of the over-the-top preparations will pay off when the big day arrives.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event or a bridal shower, there are a few things that you can do to ensure party-perfect success. Here’s a quick checklist for you to follow. Keep to it, and you’ll be able to enjoy the big day when it arrives.

  • Enlist Help

First thing first, ensure that you have enough help for the big day. Depending on the size of your party, this could mean enlisting the assistance of your friends and family, or a professional who will work to make your day extra special.

  • Choose a Theme

Having a theme will help you to choose coordinating décor and food. If you don’t want to have a theme though, no worries –just choose two, or three coordinating colors instead. Or, have a theme for your food to ensure that it all goes together. Ideas could be Mexican food, bistro, light refreshments and drinks, or dessert only.

  • Send Out Invitations

Armed with your theme and your helpers, you’re ready to notify your guests. Send out invitations early, and inform guests of the theme, the dress code, for example: costume, swimming party, or informal, as well as the type of refreshments that will be served.

  • Plan the Menu

What will you serve? Will you have light refreshments? What about drinks?

  • Plan the Table Layout

If you’re having a dinner party, now is the time to plan the table layout. Make sure you have enough tableware, and plan the centerpieces, individual place settings, and place cards.

  • Go Shopping

Once you have a menu, you’ll be able to write up an ingredients list and hit the stores. Stock up on extra to encourage your guests to linger for longer. You’ll also want to buy the decorations and supplies for your table settings.

  • Cook the Food

When should you prep the food? Ideally, you’ll want to be able to make as much as possible ahead of time, and freeze things that can be frozen ahead of the big day.

  • Clean

Ideally, you’ll want to clean one or two days ahead of the event.

  • Prep

Do as much prep as you can ahead of time. This means cooking the last of the food, making the individual place cards, decorating, and arranging flowers.

  • Set Up

Finally, the day of the event, you’ll want to finish the final steps. Mix the dips, make the drinks, set up the final decorations, and make sure the last of the food is ready to go.

Planning ahead of time is key to a successful event. Do as much as you can early, to save you time –and stress on your big day. Then open the door, greet your guests, and have a good time!

To ensure that your party is a success, consider enlisting the services of a professional party planner. At Bash Divas, we’re your partner for brilliant party success! Discuss your ideas with us today!