networking event


It might surprise you to learn that many people avoid networking events like the plague – even if they are a great way to meet people who could expand the success of their business. Some people stay away because they’re shy, while others claim they simply can’t find the time in their busy schedule to meet with other industry experts.

However, the truth is that proper networking can do incredible things for your company so long as you don’t go out of your way to irritate the other attendees. Following, we’ll cover some of the things you absolutely shouldn’t do at any networking event – if you want to earn good results.

1.    Drink Too Much

Alcohol might be the way you loosen up your tongue for a night out with the girls, or the lads – but it’s not a way to meet people from a professional point of view. Leave the alcohol at home, and find a way to build your courage that doesn’t give a bad impression of you, and your business. One drink too many and you could end up embarrassing yourself beyond repair.

2.    Scan the Room While Speaking to Someone

It’s really impolite to look around the room as though you’re bored, when you’re in the middle of talking to someone. Scanning the area for people who might be more interesting than your current companion is going to give a terrible first impression – even if you are feeling a little exhausted with the conversation. Once the conversation has reached a natural end, you can tell the person it was nice to meet them, and move on – but not a moment before.

3.    Hand Out Your Resume

If you’re looking for a job, then you can start handing out your business cards during conversations with people at a networking event. However, that doesn’t mean that you should bring copies of your resume with you. A resume makes you look unprofessional and desperate in a place that’s bound to be full of important individuals relevant to your business.

4.    Try to Find Romance

A networking event is a social occasion where you can meet new people within your business or industry – it’s not a place to look for Mr., or Mrs. Right. If you think that someone you see is really cute or attractive, then you can follow up later to ask them for coffee – don’t lose your professional air by attempting to hit on them at the networking event itself.

5.    Ignore the Organizer

Finally, make sure that you thank the meeting organizer for inviting you before you leave. Organizing a great event is a tough and time-consuming task, so it’s worth showing your gratitude – otherwise you might not be invited again.

Image Source: Flickr