5 Themes Perfect for Bringing in the Xmas Spirit

Often described as the most wonderful time of the year, many forget that Christmas is also the most festive season of them all! Everyone always seems to have something to celebrate in December. When you are bringing in the xmas spirit into your home, whether by hosting a party or decorating the house for your family, you will want to select a theme that is merry and bright.

Here’s some of the top Christmas themes of 2016 for you to consider:

  • A Nostalgic Christmas — Instead of going with a sleek and modern design for your Christmas decor, opt to send people back to those picture perfect childhood Christmases of years gone by. Select a decade, such as Christmas in the 60s, to narrow down your theme. Purchase vintage decor, display old holiday photographs and serve those classic hors d’oeuvres that your mom and grandma were famous for.
  • A Candy Cane Forest — Peppermint is the perfume of Christmas, and it makes an ideal theme for your decorations this year. Red and white striped ribbon can accent your garland and wreaths. Gourmet candy canes can be favors at your big holiday get together.
  • A White Christmas — Everyone’s been dreaming of a white Christmas. For your Christmas party this year, turn this iconic song into a theme. Decorate in all white — a white tree, white lights and white ornament bulbs. Even require that your guests where something glistening white to the party.
  • An International Christmas — This is a holiday celebrated around the world, and it’s a wonderful time of year to honor other cultures. For your International Christmas party, ask guests to wear a traditional outfit from another country. Make different delights from the countries you will be showcasing. Find as many international decorations to display as possible, and even leave information out about them so everyone can learn something along the way.

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