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4 Amazing Tips for Taking Your Next Party to The Roof

Rather than looking for new and exciting ways to blow the roof off your next party, why not take your bash to a whole dimension by hosting it underneath the sparkling night sky? Roof parties (when the weather allows for it), can be memorable ways to generate incredible experiences, make new friends, and make the most of some pretty awesome themes.

For people who like a party with a view, a stunning soiree can be so much more from an elevated location like a roof or a balcony – all you need to do is make sure that you’re doing everything right.

roof party

1. Prepare and Get Permission

Before you can throw a rooftop party, you’re going to need to get permission from the building owner, or landlord. If you own the property – then there’s no problem, otherwise, you need to ensure that you’re not breaking any codes or rules. What’s more, you’ll have to ensure that there are walls or railings everywhere to keep your guests safe when they start sipping on cocktails.

2. Think of a Theme

Just like any other party, a good rooftop bash can be excellent if you choose the right theme. Decide what you’re celebrating, and find a way to add something special to the standard set up. For instance, are you networking with new business associates, or getting the most out of an incredible birthday?

Once you’ve figured out the theme and the drive behind your party, you’ll be able to start stocking up on appropriate food and drink to last you and your guests throughout the night.

3. Organize Your Space

Once you’ve figured out your theme, food, and other essential details, you’ll need to clean and organize the rooftop space so there’s plenty of room to party – and figure out how you’re going to decorate.

As you glance around your space, think about what kind of furniture you’re going to need (if any), and where it should be placed. The essential items might include:

  • Sit-down dinner spaces
  • Chairs and sofas
  • Side tables
  • Cocktail tables
  • Plenty of lighting and lamps (to keep your evening sparkling)
  • Canopies and umbrellas
  • Extension cords for music, and electronics

4. Transform Your Roof

With the plans out of the way, you can transform your rooftop into the perfect outdoor bash with coordinated colors, stunning scenery, and plenty of bright lights to keep the energy levels high. Get your party started!

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Introvert party tips

3 Essential Party Tips for Self-Professed Introverts

Just because you’d much rather spend time at home with a good book, than head out to a new party every weekend, doesn’t mean that you’re going to ignore an important excuse to celebrate. Whether you’re throwing an event yourself, or you’re a special guest at someone special’s soiree – it’s not always possible to avoid a crowd.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of useful tips for the introverted individuals who put their friends, and party responsibilities ahead of their discomfort. Following are some of the best advice you’re going to need for staying sane during your next celebration.

Introvert party tips

1.    Be Ready to Listen (a lot)

If you’re a life-long introvert, then the chances are you’re already going to know one important truth about “other” people – they love to talk about themselves. Since the chances are that you’re not going to want to be the center of the conversation anyway – you might as well help other people chat about what they’re interested in with bouts of active listening. What’s more – if you get to know the people around you through listening, you might even end up feeling more comfortable by the end of the party.

2.    Track Your Energy Levels

If you know you’ve got hours of partying to get through, then you’re going to have to monitor your energy levels carefully during the night. Understand that from time to time, you’re going to have to take a moment aside to recuperate and get yourself in the right place for social interaction. Most introverts can find that time in crowds quickly saps their equilibrium.

If you find yourself struggling to cope, pretend you need to take a call and head to the bathroom – or make sure you have someone with you who can recognize the signs and give you a much-needed out when you need it most.

3.    Track Down Quiet Areas

Finally, this tip will be easier to follow if you’re hosting the party yourself – but if you’re attending someone’s bash, it’s still possible to track down the quiet areas for emergency safe zone’s when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Some of the best spots typically include bathrooms, kitchens, back entrances, corridors, and so on.

Make sure you avoid places that you’ve been asked not to go, and anywhere that might have a lot of foot traffic. If you’re in a public venue, simply stepping outside might be enough.

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wedding budget

So You’re Getting Married? Here’s How to Feed Your Guests (on a Budget)

So you’re getting married? Congratulations!

There’s plenty of exciting things to look forward to, from picking a dress or suit, to figuring out your venue. Unfortunately, all of this planning comes with one major downfall – the expense of it all. Let’s face it, paying for a wedding is not cheap – particularly when it comes to catering for all those hungry and thirsty guests.

If you want to save money on the food so that you can put a higher budget towards the things that matter more to you – such as that fancy honeymoon – then there is a way to feed your guests on a budget. It’s all about making some basic decisions and cutting down on the excess!

wedding budget

Step 1: Provide Appetizers Yourself

This might sound like a waste of your time – particularly when there’s so much to do on the wedding day, but it’s actually easier than it seems. If you get pre-prepared appetizers that can be frozen and simply thrown in the oven just before cocktail hour, then you can save about 50% of the costs associated with buying nibbles.

Step 2: Lose the Servers

While it might seem super fun to have servers wandering around your wedding party with little silver trays of food – the chances are that you don’t want to pay the price they’ll be asking for. Your guests are capable of serving themselves, so don’t worry about simply having an open buffet-style solution instead!

Step 3: Try to B.Y.O.B

When you’re choosing and booking your wedding reception venue, try asking whether they mind if you bring your own beverages. By selecting and providing your own wine, liquor, and beer, you’ll reduce your chances of having to pay the inflated prices that the venue typically charges those who use the available bar.

Step 4: Get Your Family Involved

If you love your mom’s cooking, then why not get her involved when it comes to creating the menu for your big day? Getting your family involved in helping to cook some of the signature dishes could make a buffet service a whole lot cheaper to organize – particularly since you won’t have to pay for your caterer to make quite as much food!

Step 5: Have a Daytime Wedding

Finally, why not move your wedding time forward to the earlier portion of the day? Lunch and breakfast generally cost a lot less than dinner, so a daytime wedding can be a great solution if you’re trying to save cash!

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Professional party

Get Your Next Bash Off to an Awesome Start with the Pros

While planning and organizing your own event from scratch – whether it’s a birthday party, celebration, or business conference – might seem like an easy enough feat, there’s actually a lot more involved in throwing an incredible bash than you might think.

Planning an incredible event means using all of your creativity, innovation, and skill to cultivate an experience that perfectly represents the theme, or person being celebrated. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why turning to the professionals can be such a good idea.

Discover Inspirational Themes

While you might have a few tried and tested theme ideas in mind, the chances are that you don’t have nearly as many suggestions as your standard event planner. That’s not to say your creativity isn’t important – only that your ideas, when matched with the talent and experience of a professional, could lead to the creation of a bash that is truly out of this world. After all, being able to get ideas from alternate angles is a great way to cultivate original thought.

Discuss Amazing Ideas

When you work with event planning professionals, it’s not about simply handing your party over to someone else and waiting to see what they come up with. While you can absolutely ask for insight and ideas, you can also give your own thoughts and recommendations, to ensure that the finished event is something that caters to every whim, and every imaginative idea you’ve dreamt up when planning your special occasion.

Together, you and your event manager will look at the details of your event, the venue you’ve chosen, and what can be done to turn your concepts into realities.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Finally, working with the pros means connecting with individuals who have networks much larger than your own. Having an incredible idea for an event is one thing – but actually making it happen is something entirely different.

The bash pros help to take your event to the next level by organizing everything that goes on behind the scenes – taking over the hard work and allowing you to focus on enjoying your event in style.

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