Shabby chic décor has an elegant, timeless appeal –and is ideal for many formal events.

Is Shabby Chic Too Shabby for an Event?

“Shabby chic?” You might be thinking, “Isn’t that a bit too, well, shabby for a formal event?”

Shabby chic is a décor style that many people know and love. But while it’s a style that’s often used in homes, it’s also extremely popular for events. This is because, despite the name, this décor can lend an elegant and upscale feel to occasions ranging from parties to weddings. Even the most fashionable fashionistas have embraced this style –see: Jessica Simpson, Denise Richards, and Madonna, for instance.

If vintage, boho, rustic, and antique are styles that appeal to you, then you’ll love shabby chic. Don’t let the word put you off; this décor has a timeless and classic appeal –perfect for an elegant, yet rustic event. If you’re looking for a theme for your upcoming event, here’s what you should know about shabby chic.

What Is Shabby Chic?
Shabby chic décor is well-loved for its soft, dreamy take on old-fashioned décor. This style makes use of rustic or distressed furniture, offset with just a touch of glamor. Think: crystal chandeliers, pearls, ribbons, and lace. When used in events –or home décor, this style evokes classic country style, with a touch of timeless elegance.

What Events Can Benefit from Shabby Chic?
While shabby chic décor is popular with interior designers, it’s also a popular style for events –especially weddings. This style is a great way to combine the feeling of ‘something old’ and ‘something new’ with a fashionable, elegant feel that many brides-to-be are looking for. While it might not be an ideal décor style for, say, a corporate meeting, shabby chic can definitely be used for many other events.

Incorporating Shabby Chic
The beauty of this style is that it can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Whether you simply use accents like lace and flowers, or go all out and bring in some vintage or rustic furniture, and accent with plenty of candles, pearls, and crystal details, this style is a great match for many events –and something you’ll want to consider if old-fashioned décor and modern elegance both appeal to you.

Don’t let the name put you off –shabby chic can be dressed up or down, making for an event that’s as rustic or elegant as you’d like. It truly is a versatile and classic style, and may be just what you’re looking for, for your big day.

Shabby chic: love it or hate it?

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A well-planned event allows you to enjoy the day, worry free.

Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade: Outdoor Event Ideas

Are you planning an outdoor event? Don’t let the threat of rain get you under the weather!

With careful prep and planning, you can arrange an event that’s weather-proof –one that you’ll be able to pull off without a hitch come rain or shine –or scorching sun, wind, or snowstorm!

But protection from the elements is just one aspect of outdoor event planning. Other potential issues that can arise include bugs, slippery walkways, and problems with permits and facilities.

Being prepared in case of the unexpected is an important part of planning your big day. Here are a few things that you’ll want to do to help disaster-proof your event in case of an emergency.

Unexpected Weather
Weather can make or break your event, and unfortunately –it is something you can’t control. You can, however, ensure that you have a backup plan and a marquee –or indoor facilities to ensure that your event will go on even if the rain clouds appear. For outdoor events, you’ll also want to make sure that you use decorations that won’t blow away in the wind. Choose sturdy décor pieces, and make sure everything is anchored properly.

Guest Comfort
Even if it doesn’t rain, you’ll still want to ensure the comfort of your guests. If it’s a hot day, you’ll want to make sure that the guests aren’t forced to sit out in the hot sun for too long without proper protection –so provide shade, water, and sunscreen. If there’s been a lot of rain recently, make sure you prepare for slippery walkways. Also, consider pests; mosquitos, gnats, and ants –you’ll want to make sure the area has been sprayed before the event.

Proper Permits
While not exactly the highlight of a party, obtaining the proper permits is an important part of the process. Many outdoor events require a permit, so don’t wait until the last minute to find out about this important detail. Once you’ve booked a venue, get the proper permits; neglecting this step could get your event cancelled.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure there are adequate facilities for your guests. If there are no restrooms, you’ll need to hire some for the day. If the venue has on-site restrooms, make sure you check their condition before the event. In some cases, you may want to spruce the bathrooms with extra toilet paper, scented candles, and toiletries.

Prepping for the event is often more work than the main occasion –but it’s an important part of your event. By taking time to be well-prepared, you’ll be able to look forward to your big day without having to worry about the weather, or any other unexpected issues that may arise!

At Bash Divas, we take the stress out of event planning. Contact Bash Divas for help planning your big day.

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If you have a special event coming up, then you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your day will be memorable –in a good way, that is!

3 Event Fails That Your Guests Will Hate

If you have a special event coming up, then you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your day will be memorable –in a good way, that is!

If you have a special event coming up, then you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your day will be memorable –in a good way, that is!

Most of us know that failure to plan an event properly is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

While most guests will be understanding about small mistakes, if something catastrophic goes wrong you can almost guarantee an epic fail –the kind that will live on in the photo albums and memories of friends and family down the road. Don’t be like the bride and groom who thought it was acceptable to forgo chairs and tables for their guests or the ones who ended up setting fire to the carpet after a failed fireworks display!

The good news, though, is that with careful planning, you can help to stave off many disasters. Here are a few event fails that you’ll want to watch out for on your big day.

1. Mismatched Expectations
If your invitation states that you are having after-dinner jazz, it would be a complete fail to hire a rock band instead. While you may have changed your mind –your guests were prepared for one thing and weren’t expecting this sudden change of plans. Don’t make this amateur mistake –try to ensure that the entertainment and event is consistent with what you’ve promised. If you are uncertain about your specific plans, you should leave it out of your invitations. For example, you could simply say “live music,” instead of specifying the genre.

2. Getting the Date Wrong
You only have to get the date wrong once for this disaster to happen. Imagine booking your venue for the wrong Saturday in June or telling the caterers to be there on the wrong date. When you show up for your wedding, you could be shocked to find a different bride walking down the aisle –and you wouldn’t be the only one! Your guests would be in for a surprise as well if the date on their invitations was also wrong. Getting the date wrong, even just by one day can spell disaster, so make sure you check, recheck, and then check again to ensure that the date is correct to avoid this embarrassing fail.

3. Catering Disasters
Food is an important part of a successful event and something that most of your guests will be looking forward to. Make sure you avoid potential catering disasters by clearly communicating your expectations to the catering company ahead of time, and by making sure that your guests know what to expect. Don’t advertise a luau and provide a DIY noodle bar –your guests will be able to tell the difference!

The good news is that these fails –and more can usually be avoided with good communication. Inform your guests about what they can expect, and try to stick to your promises. Likewise, clearly communicate your expectations with all of the caterers, vendors, and performers that will be involved with your event. Don’t be afraid to double check your dates and times with your vendors, after all, it’s your big day –and it’s understandable that you will want everything to be perfect. A little bit of communication can go a long way towards ensuring that it will be!

If you’re hoping to avoid these types of mishaps on your special day, then you’ll want to ensure that you have a professional event coordinator by your side. Contact Bash Divas for help planning your big day, and make sure everything goes exactly as you –and your guests are expecting!

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Good food, good friends, and good times –your teenager’s birthday will be a blast.

Ultimate Guide – Planning Your Teenagers 16th

As anyone with kids knows, they’re always looking for an excuse to party!

Their 16th birthday is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, though, planning a 16th bash that’s fun, cool, and well, not too childish is no small task. Finding that balance of fun and maturity can be tricky –especially when their friends will be there, and everything parents do is oh so humiliating!

If you’re looking for ideas for your teenager’s party, don’t worry –we have you covered. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your youngster’s birthday is fun, exciting, and only a tiny bit embarrassing!

Get Them Involved
Involving your child –young adult, sorry –in the planning process will help you to know exactly what type of party they want to have. Plus, if they’re involved, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the bash! Take your birthday teen out to a coffee shop, and sit them down for a brief chat. Grownup drink in-hand, they’ll feel more relaxed, and more apt to open up. Everyone is different, with varying ideas on what constitutes a fun day. Some may want to hit the bowling alley, or paintball arena, while others may want to go to the movies. Asking for their input will help you both feel much better about the whole thing.

Get the Music Right
The music is the life of the party, and teenagers today –like young people of every era, have strong opinions about what constitutes great music. You won’t want to blast the Bee Gees if they’d rather have Taylor Swift at their party, so find out ahead of time what type of tunes they enjoy listening to, and get them involved with making a playlist. Involving them in this project will save them from embarrassment when oldies-but-goodies come blasting out of the stereo. If it’s in the budget, you could also consider surprising them with a live DJ to play special requests. It’ll only be a little bit embarrassing –but mostly cool.

Bring On the Food
If you get the food right, you’re over halfway there. Plan on serving their favorites –pizza, pizza, and pizza, and make sure you order stock up so there are no shortages throughout the event. Teenagers get famished rather quickly and having a steady supply of snacks on hand can prevent them from getting moody; just like toddlers! Ok, we’ll stop! But make sure there’s enough snacks and drinks, with extra on hand –just in case.

Get Your Game On
Pin the tail on the donkey may be out, but you can still bring out the games. Consider having board games and video games sitting out, ready to go. If the weather’s great, they may want to play a quick match of soccer or basketball outside, and chill out with a favorite movie afterward. The kids –er, teenagers, will naturally gravitate towards the games as long as they’re on hand, so there’s no need to plan a structured game time –just let them play as the mood strikes.

Finally, it must be said –there’s really no need for you to be on hand every minute during the party –really, it’s ok! You can come out at key moments or check in, but giving the kids some parent-free time is always a good thing. And of course, it will save them from the devastating embarrassment that they, gasp, have parents! So give yourself permission to sit back, and let the party unfold. Your youngster’s growing up! Congratulations on raising a fine young adult!

Are you planning your teenager’s 16th?

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